'Nourish Your Gut' eBook

Your comprehensive guide to making positive changes to your digestive system. 

Is your gut healthy? Do you know how to improve your gut health? What are the signs of poor gut health?

The Nourish Your Gut eBook is designed to help you understand what good gut health is and show you how to achieve it. Learn about the causes of gut issues and the impact of lifestyle and other factors on your gut, testing for gut health and naturopathic support, as well as summary points and a key takeaway for each chapter.

Numerous factors can affect our gut health. By understanding how the body works and the best way to look after it, you will be improving your health and wellbeing while also preventing problems in the future.

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A comprehensive, informative and straight forward ebook which will inspire and motivate you to start really nourishing and nurturing your gut. 

Nourish Your Gut covers: 

  • What is good digestion
  • Understanding your microbiome 
  • Symptoms of dysbiosis 
  • What causes gut issues 
  • Gut health + microbiome testing 
  • Naturopathic support for gut health 
  • Probiotics – choosing the right one 
  • Prebiotics 
  • Diet and the gut 
  • Stress and the gut 

In this ebook, each of these areas are discussed in depth as Karly explains not only the why’s but also the how’s to provide you with the information you need to make changes for better health and a happier tummy.

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Nourish Your Gut eBook

About the Author...

Hi, I’m Karly Raven is an award-winning naturopath and clinic director at Kismet Health located in Victoria. I am also a speaker, writer, mentor and mamma. 

As a self-confessed gut health nerd, my mission is to ensure no one suffers with IBS, SIBO, IBD bloating or digestive discomfort.

I have extensive experience helping clients with digestive issues and has written Nourish Your Gut as your comprehensive guide to better health and a happier tummy.


What others have said about the 'Nourish Your Gut' eBook​

Emma Park

Emma Park

‘Karly is the guru when it comes to gut health and her nourished gut ebook is the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen. I highly recommend!’

Emma Park

Carla Wrenn

Carla Wrenn

‘From poo to probiotics, gut health expert and naturopath Karly Raven provides all the key takeaways, naturopathic tools and testing options to understand your digestive function and restore optimal gut health.’ 

Carla Wrenn

Denise Berry

Denise Berry

‘I have the great privilege of working with Karly in clinic. I call her the “SIBO queen” because her knowledge, expertise and mentoring has changed the way I practice and, as a result, dramatically improved results for my patients. Her ebook contains all of the gems we frequently share with patients, from explaining the physiology and biochemistry of digestion, through to top tips for optimal gut health. This ebook is a must have for anyone with gut issues including IBS and SIBO. It will give you the tools you need and empower you to regain your health and vitality’. 

Denise Berry