Nourish Your Gut eBook


A comprehensive, informative and uncomplicated ebook which will inspire and motivate you to start really nourishing and nurturing your gut!



Nourish Your Gut covers:

  • What is good digestion
  • Understanding your microbiome
  • Symptoms of dysbiosis
  • What causes gut issues
  • Gut health + microbiome testing
  • Naturopathic support for gut health
  • Probiotics – choosing the right one
  • Prebiotics
  • Diet and the gut
  • Stress and the gut


This ebook really goes into these areas in depth. It’s great if you love lots of information. Karly explains not only the why but also the how in many of the sections of this book.

We often get told our symptoms are not good, but not what we should all really be aiming for and how to take the information and make changes. This book will show you how!

Karly also loves a good myth buster and some sound research so this book is not shy of these things!

Being passionate about the gut–brain axis, Karly has included the emotional, stress and brain-related aspects of gut health as well as the two-way interdependent relationship between the gut and the brain, a crucial part to healing from within. There is also information covering the connection between the gut and the immune system.

One of our favourite parts of the book is about diet. Karly has been doing so much reading into foods and diets that nourish the microbiome and has summarised her findings in the book.

Nourish Your Gut is for you if you:

  • have digestive discomfort
  • have been diagnosed with a gut issue
  • have tried many therapies but nothing has worked
  • love information
  • love facts
  • love research
  • are interested in learning about the naturopathic approach to gut health
  • want to nourish and nurture your gut
  • are ready to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle!


Nourish Your Gut – Start supercharging your health now!


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