Nourished Gut Meals eBook


This ebook is easy to follow, flexible and full of my favorite nourished gut meals which the whole family will love! 

What you will receive:

  1. The book contains recipes meal including breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and some smoothies. 
  2. Nutritional summary. There is a report that will show you the macro and micro nutrients that you will get from eating these foods.
  3. Shopping list. The shopping list offers a breakdown of the pantry and fridge essentials to stock up on to create the healthy meals in the meal planner.

Print out this meal planner and shop according to what you’re planning to eat that week. Everything is in one document!

You’ll get 1 PDF



This recipe book is easy to follow, flexible, delicious, healthy and full of gut loving friendly meals for you to make and enjoy with the whole family. This book has recipes and includes breakfasts, lunches, dinner, smoothies and snacks.


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