SIBOed eBook


SIBOed – the revised and updated 2020 edition



SIBO is a condition where there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, when normally bacteria should be found in the large intestine.

As naturopathic practitioners both Alon and Karly saw a gap in current treatment recommendations for SIBO. They have both commonly spoken to practitioners, who didn’t understand the complexity of the condition and felt overwhelmed by it in clinic. This inspired them to create this practitioner manual full of the recent research and a specific treatment plan.

SIBO is a complex condition, with a high rate of relapse – but with this manual to treating SIBO in your clinic, you will have a much clearer understanding about the approach to take with these clients and therefore increased clinical outcomes for your patients.

Our eBook will give you:

  • A thorough understanding of SIBO and IBS
  • Insight into what the symptoms of SIBO are
  • How SIBO can be related symptoms and presentations beyond the digestive system
  • An in-depth understanding about the causes of SIBO
  • Testing for SIBO
  • How to interpret test results for SIBO patients
  • An understanding of the complexity of the condition and relapse rates
  • Treatment of SIBO – conventional, naturopathic, nutritional and lifestyle
  • An overview of how conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine can work together to increase clinical outcomes in some patients
  • An understanding about what prokinetics are and some examples for treatment
  • A specific 10-week treatment plan to use when working with patients with SIBO
  • Post SIBO treatment guidance


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