Your Nourished Gut Journey Starts Here...

Are you ready to resolve your digestive issues issues such as bloating, excessive gas, constipation and or diarrhoea, reflux, abdominal pain and food intolerances?

My nourished gut method is designed to bridge the gap for clients with imbalances beyond the reach of diet and lifestyle alone. 

As a former sufferer and as someone who has seen their close loved ones also suffer, I understand the daily struggles of a life with chronic digestive symptoms and the practicalities of what is required to get your health back on track.

The typical client healing journey takes anywhere from 3-6 months and follows my individualised method.

The Nourished Gut Method...

Gut Health Call

  • Quick assessment of gut health
  • Assessment of health goals 
  • Suggestion on next steps

Initial Consult

  • Review health history 
  • Identify testing required 
  • Create interim protocol of diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations


  • Advanced GI functional testing
  • Analysis of blood work or ordering more if needed 
  • Ordered and shipped directly to your home
  • Complete testing at home and return ship to lab

Nourished Gut CARE Plan

  • Review and interpret test results 
  • Personalised gut health CARE plan with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

Ongoing 1:1 Support

12 Week IBS/SIBO Nourished Gut Program

  • High level of support and accountability
  • Group coaching 
  • Ongoing access to functional lab tests
  • Unlimited support messaging
  • Online modules and videos
  • Meal plans + recipes 
  • Yoga and meditation membership
  • Special trainings and guest speakers
  • Access to practitioner-level supplements and follow up testing if needed
  • Copy of my Gut 40 eBook, Nourish Your Gut eBook, gut health rescue kits + other resources to support your gut healing journey 

All consults are completed online or via telephone for people all over Australia and NZ. If you are local to Wangaratta VIC, you can choose to attend in-clinic. 

Gut Health Testing

As a qualified naturopath I am able to order functional testing to help discover the root causes to your digestive issues. I am very passionate about using evidence based testing in my clinical practice and use what I believe after extensive research, the best labs in Australia to test your stool and then analyse them using my high level of knowledge about  the microbiome and gut health. 

“Testing in many cases will save you time, energy, money and a whole lot of guessing. If I could come back with a super power in life, it would be the ability to detect microbes in your gut via my eyes”.  

I also believe when we know better we can do better so I always go through each test result and explain how they are impacting your health to further empower you to make positive changes and really understand what is happening in your body. 

What testing options are available?

  • Advanced microbiome testing 
  • SIBO testing 
  • Coeliac testing
  • Parasite testing 
  • Helicobacter pylori testing 
  • Gut inflammation testing 
  • Gut autoimmune testing 
  • Nutrient testing

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any lab and all information is provided for educational purposes only